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Improved Mood ​and Well-being :)

The Pet Therapy Program aims to introduce ​and establish a structured pet therapy ​initiative within our organization. Recognizing ​the profound positive impact of interactions ​with animals on mental and emotional well-​being, this program seeks to enhance the ​overall therapeutic environment for our ​clients, residents, or employees. The project ​will involve the integration of trained therapy ​animals into our facilities, creating ​opportunities for meaningful interactions and ​contributing to the overall positive ​atmosphere.

How You

Can Help

Donate funds to the pet therapy program ​to cover expenses such as training and ​certification for therapy animals and ​handlers, facility preparation, and ongoing ​program maintenance.

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How We Help

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Expert Team

Our team includes certified ​canine behaviorists and ​trainers dedicated to the ​well-being of your furry ​friend.

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Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach, ​considering both the physical ​and emotional aspects.

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Ongoing Support

We believe in building lasting ​relationships. Our support ​extends beyond your dog's ​time at our first contact​, with resources and guidan​ce for continued well-​being.

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